Neuroscience Track

Undergraduate students accepted into the Neuroscience Track at CU Anschutz will work alongside Neuroscience faculty and PhD graduate students on cutting-edge research in their host lab. During this internship, students learn the neuroscience fundamentals and techniques, as well as gain the opportunity to network with renowned faculty in the field of Neuroscience. 

Students attend weekly seminars to complement in-lab training with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in a scientific career. Seminar topics will include: 

1. Biomedical sciences career panel

2. Workshops on how to read scientific papers

3. Applying to graduate school

4.  How to give scientific presentations

The 8-week paid internship will culminate in both oral and poster presentations as part of a campus-wide summer research symposium. Participation in the program provides students with hands-on experience in a laboratory environment, training to succeed in science careers, and a network of faculty and graduate students to provide longitudinal mentorship. 

N-CORE is supported by NIH award R25NS130620 to Ernesto Salcedo and Diego Restrepo.