AMC Pre-doc Mentoring Program

About Us

The AMC Pre-doc Mentoring Program is a one-one-one mentorship program where students interested in pursuing MD, PhD, or MD PhD programs are paired with an Anschutz Medical Campus doctoral student (MD, PhD, or MD PhD student) for one-on-one monthly meetings. In addition to mentorship, students can attend optional and virtual monthly programming events on professional development. Our goal is to help pre-doctoral students gain admission into the program of their dreams.

Available Student Mentors

MD Student Mentor

Students from University of Colorado School of Medicine

MD PhD Student Mentor

Students in the Medical Scientist Training Program- Combined MD and PhD Program

PhD Student Mentor

Graduate Students on the Anschutz Medical Campus from various fields of study: Neuroscience, Cancer, Immunology, Pharmacology, Molecular Biology


Program Dates - September through May

  • You will be required to check-in with your mentor at least monthly.

  • You have the opportunity to attend (virtual) networking events and workshops to develop your professional skills.

  • You will be assigned to a Mentor who most aligns with your career interests and needs.

  • Your mentor will serve as a resource as you explore potential career paths and navigate applications!

Who should apply for the Mentor Program?:

  • Everyone who is interested in a career related to biological science is encouraged to apply.

  • We are especially seeking applications from students of backgrounds that have been historically excluded from scientific careers and/or have faced barriers when entering these careers. (This includes but is not limited race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality).

  • We are looking forward to mentoring enthusiastic individuals interested in pursuing doctoral degrees!

Monthly Professional Program Events:

Second Tuesday of Every Month from 6:30-7:30pm via zoom


-October 12th- How to choose between MD, PhD, and MD PhD programs

-November 9th- Application Tips for applying to MD, PhD, or MD PhD programs

-December 14th- Scientific Communication Workshop

-January 11th- How to read a scientific paper

-February 8th- Career Panel

-March 8th- Problem Based Learning Case

-April 12th- Personal Statement Workshop

-May 10th- Interview Skills Workshop

Applications are closed for the 2021-2022 cycle.

Contact us with any questions: