Bioengineering Track

Students accepted into the Bioengineering Track will work under Bioengineering faculty and alongside Bioengineering graduate students on a cutting-edge research project related to ongoing studies in the host lab.

During this internship, students will engage in both laboratory research as well as network with faculty. Additionally, as engineers, the students will work on hands-on engineering-related projects to build research tools, medical devices, software programs, etc. Bioengineering is an incredibly multidisciplinary field and allows students to get involved in a wide range of topics, from cardiovascular tissue engineering through neurophotonics to prosthetics.

Students will also attend weekly seminars intended to complement their in-lab training with necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in a scientific career. Seminar topics will include a biomedical and clinical sciences career panel, workshops on how to read scientific papers, apply to graduate school, and give scientific presentations. The 8-week internship will culminate in both oral and poster presentations as part of a campus-wide summer research symposium. Participation in the program provides students with hands-on experience in a laboratory environment, training to succeed in scientific careers, and a network of faculty and graduate students to provide longitudinal mentorship.